Debt Recovery

Improve debt recovery and reduce costs

Complimentary Webinar

Improve Your Profitability Through Advancements in Collection Scoring

Learn how advancements in scoring can help you develop strategies based on cost, effort and impact to streamline your collection process and recover more dollars.

Delinquency Notification Service

Increase collections 4-9%

Motivate debt payment. With Experian's Delinquency Notification Services, past due accounts are warned that delinquency affects their business credit score

Collection Triggers

Improve collection rates

Be the first to know when a debtor's ability to pay is improving, and first to contact these customers to collect. Features daily monitoring and customizable triggers.

Implement Better Collection Strategies

Reduce costs, increase efficiency and maximize your recovery efforts. With our industry-leading information assets, software and expertise in debt collection, Experian's powerful products can help you develop more focused collection strategies by profitably locating, segmenting and prioritizing debtor accounts.

Complete and accurate debt collection data

Trace, cleanse, validate and enrich with debt collection data management to ensure you really know your customers. Complete and accurate debt collection data to ensure the right contact, the right details and as much customer data as possible.

Insight into debt collection data

Use analysis through scoring and triggers to fully understand your customers.  Insight into debt collection data for an understanding of the behaviour, risk and circumstances of each customer.

Segmentation for debt collection strategy

Use segmentation and apply strategies to accurately target your customers.  Segmentation for debt collection strategy development and appropriate and effective actions, timing and communications.

Effective debt collection process management

Implement and manage debt collections activities to improve interaction with your customers.  Effective debt collection process management for a streamlined operation where manual tasks are automated, focusing skilled resources for maximum effort.

Expert debt collection consultancy

Expert debt collection consultancy to continually improve debt collection.

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